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If you are curious about Huel Black Edition and have questions about this meal replacement shake, then you’re in the right place!

Today I am sharing answers to the common questions about Huel, and exploring how it can help you to reach your health and fitness goals. If you have any further questions or comments, then always feel free to reach out to me.

P.S I’m not affiliated with Huel in any way, I just really rate it!

How is Huel Black Edition Different to Regular Huel?

Huel Black Edition is made without oats, which are a staple ingredient in the regular Huel powder. The oats have been removed to make the Black Edition a lower carbohydrate option that is also higher in protein.

The main ingredients in the Black Edition variety are pea protein, ground flaxseed, and brown rice protein.

If you are interested in buying the regular Huel product, then click here!

Is Huel Black Edition Healthy?

This is a nutritionally complete product. This means that if you were to consume nothing but Huel in the specified amounts, you would meet your recommended daily allowance of macro and micronutrients.

The various flavours are generally flavoured using natural sweeteners, such as organic coconut sugar and stevia.

Is Huel a Weight Loss Tool?

Personally, I believe that weight loss is something that should be worked towards in a healthy and sustainable way. I would therefore never suggest to any of my clients that they suddenly start using products like Huel. The exception here is that I might encourage a person with weight loss goals to increase their use of Huel if it already features in their diet.

However, it is the case that Huel is used as a weight loss tool by a lot of people. Because of the exact calorie amount you make your shake with, it is possible to have a high level of control over how much you are eating during the day. This makes it very simple to adhere to an optimum macro split. Therefore, I believe Huel can be an effective weight loss tool if that is a goal of yours.

Should You Mix Huel With Milk?

You can either mix Huel with water or milk / plant-based milk. When you mix Huel with milk it will be creamier than when made with water, and therefore you may find it more satiating. This is helpful if you are using Huel for weight loss.


My favourite way to mix Huel is with almond milk and you can read more about that by clicking here.

Does Huel Make You Poop More?

A Huel shake contains a decent dose of fibre and can therefore be a great digestive aid.

If your body is not used to getting a lot of fibre, then you might find that you poop more when you start using Huel.

How Many Scoops of Huel Black Edition Should You Have For Breakfast?

Two scoops of Black Edition Huel is equal to 100 grams and this contains 400 calories. This is considered a standard serving, but you can also of course create your own measurements. I sometimes add just one scoop for a lighter shake.

Having a 400 calorie shake is generally a good idea in the morning to kickstart your day, so this would require two scoops of Black Edition Huel.

Is Huel Black Edition Good For The Gym?

If you are exercising regularly then using Huel can be a great way to get the extra macronutrients that you need to support your fitness aims.

For example, if you are bodybuilding and you struggle to get enough calories and protein during the day, then one or two Huel shakes a day can easily enable you to conquer your quota.


What’s more, each shake contains all of the 26 micronutrients that your body needs to be healthy, which is certainly helpful when you are going to the gym regularly.

Why is Huel So Expensive?

Depending on your food budget, you might consider Huel to be an expensive product.

When you buy Huel online, you will have to purchase at least two bags with each order. Two bags of Huel Black Edition currently costs £55.56. Two bags of Huel is 34 servings, and this equates to £1.63 per shake – which is an entire meal.

You can save money on this purchase by subscribing to a regular delivery. This will drop the price of two bags down by 10% to £50. Although this may sound like a lot of money, it works out to £1.47 per shake.

If you consider that each shake contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals and 40g of protein, for £1.47, then this may seem quite reasonable.

As an added bonus, delivery is free so there are no extra costs to worry about.

Should You Bulk Buy Huel?

Bulk buying Huel can be convenient if you have the storage space and the budget to do so. However, it’s not really necessary to bulk buy it as you can simply sign up to the subscription service.

When you subscribe to Huel, your delivery will come at an allocated time as often as you require. You can cancel or postpone your subscription delivery anytime, so if you find you don’t need it yet, then you can easily delay.

The shelf life of an unopened bag of Huel that has been stored in a cool, dry place is 12 months. You can still consume your Huel after this time, but it is likely the quality of the product will have started to degrade. This means that the nutrient profile may no longer be optimum.

Can You Eat Just Huel?

Huel is most commonly used as a dietary supplement, meaning people consume it in addition to solid food. However, there are some people who claim to follow a 100% Huel-only diet.

I wouldn’t recommend following a Huel-only diet because it’s my belief that a varied and balanced diet is always the best plan. However, one or two shakes each day can be a very healthy and beneficial option.

How Long Will Huel Last in the Fridge?

Huel will typically be good for about 24 hours when kept in the fridge. After this time, you might find that the liquid starts to separate and the taste may be altered.

Can You Leave Huel Overnight?

In my opinion, leaving Huel overnight is the best way to prepare it. When you make a shake with plant-based milk and then place it in the fridge overnight, your shake will be quite creamy in the morning. I also feel like it becomes a bit thicker than if you drink it shortly after preparation.

For the best satiety and taste, I recommend leaving Huel in the fridge overnight.

What’s Huel Hot & Savoury?

Huel Hot & Savoury is a totally different product – you can click here to read all about it!

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