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The financial cost of metoidioplasty surgery will depend entirely on the country you choose. The costs relating to this surgery will also vary depending on the type of metoidioplasty that you wish to have.

For example, if you opt to only have stage one aka the simple release, then this will of course be cheaper than choosing to have multiple stages, such as the optional urethral lengthening.

Metoidioplasty Surgery

If you are thinking of having this surgery but are unsure what exactly it involves, then check out my past post, ‘What is Metoidioplasty’. In this article, I’m explaining the basics of this surgery, what to expect during the surgical processes, and what to expect once you have healed from metoidioplasty.

If you have any further questions relating to this surgery, then feel free to drop me a message to talk about it.

How Much Does Metoidioplasty Cost?

As I said, the price of the surgery will largely depend on the country in which you wish to undergo the surgery. Below you can find current information regarding the cost of metoidioplasty in different countries.

It is worth keeping in mind that added costs are not included in the figures given below, such as travel, accommodation, and medical supplies. It will often also be the case that a therapist may have to give permission for the surgery to go ahead, in which case you will have to pay for these appointments also.

Side note: All of this information was correct at the time of publishing – June 2021 – but prices will likely fluctuate with time.

United Kingdom

If you are a UK resident and willing and able to wait for an NHS referral (a process that will generally take several years) then you will be able to have this surgery for free.

If you are having more than one stage, then the process from start to finish will take several years given the current length of NHS waiting lists. This is a factor that prompts some people who are financially able to explore other options.

St Peter’s Andrology Clinic in London is currently the only clinic in the UK offering this surgery. The price is reportedly £35,000 for those who wish to pay privately.

United States

The cost of this surgery varies wildly in the US, mostly depending on the approach the patient wishes to take.

For the simple release, patients can expect to pay a minimum of around $4,000, increasing to up to $30,000 if additional surgeries are required, such as urethral lengthening, hysterectomy, vaginectomy, or testicular implants.

Some states in the US are required to cover transgender healthcare by law, but many are not. So depending on where you live in the States, you may have your costs covered or you may have to pay out of pocket.

If you are not a resident of the US, then you will always have to cover the costs yourself.


Canadian residents have access to a free healthcare system, and this generally includes transgender surgeries although this seems to vary depending on the province in question.

Although certain gender affirming surgeries are covered by the system, medications and mental health provisions are not generally offered for free. This can cause barriers to this surgery for some people.

I am still awaiting confirmation of the average cost of metoidioplasty surgery in Canada – check back soon if you’re looking for this information.


If you are a Thai resident or travelling to Thailand to have surgery, then you will have to fund the procedure yourself.

thailand transgender surgery destination
Thailand is a popular destination for people seeking gender affirming surgeries

The average price for metoidioplasty with urethral lengthening is around 186840.00 Thai Baht (THB) / $6,000 US Dollars / £4200 UK GBP (these are approximate conversions and will vary).

The price for metoidioplasty including a hysterectomy is around double the price, so $12,000 US / £8400 UK.

If you are considering travelling to Thailand for surgery, then I strongly recommend Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI), which is where I had my top surgery in 2015.


There are a number of clinics in Belgrade, Serbia, that are offering metoidioplasty surgery.

Miro Djordjevic, one of the most well-known metoidioplasty surgeons, operates in Serbia.

A notable potential advantage of having surgery with Djordjevic is that he uses a technique which takes the skin graft from the labia minora. This is in contrast to other surgeon who take the skin graft from the mouth.

The cost for a metoidioplasty with urethral lengthening + vaginectomy and testicle implants is around £12,000 (GBP). The cost will likely be less if you are want to only have the simple release surgery and you can get confirmation of this by having a consultation.

Additional Destinations for Metoidioplasty Surgery

I will be continuing my research and adding more information as I do so. If there is a coutnry you are curious about then please reach out to me and I will investigate for you!

Additionally, if you have more up to date or detailed information about the financial cost of metoidioplasty in a certain country, then please do share this information with me.

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