Online personal training is a great solution to some of the problems faced by those who don’t feel able to hire a trainer in the gym.

Not only can online personal training be more cost effective, but can in many instances create a more supportive and beneficial relationship between client and trainer.

My online personal training services include:

  • Meal planning and nutrition advice
  • Gym-based workout plans
  • Home-based workout plans

Once you have hired me as your online trainer we will arrange a Skype chat (or an email conversation if you prefer) to discuss your goals.

We can then put a plan in place and I’ll design your meal plan or workout – or both!

We’ll organise regular check-ins with each other, and I’ll always be free to talk if you have a question about your plan.

By downloading an app to your phone or tablet, I will be able to assign personalised workouts to you that you can then follow in the gym, outside, or at home. Each exercise included in the workout will be linked to an instructional video and some information about the benefits of the exercise. This app enables us both to keep track of your progress together!

As with all of my services, prices vary depending on your situation, so get in touch and we can talk it through!