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Content Note: In this article on stand-to-pee devices, I’m talking about genitals – my own and in a general sense. I’m going to use words that some transgender people might not use for their own genitals and therefore might find uncomfortable to read.

This is my personal review of the MT2 Meta Extension Packer from Banana Prosthetics.

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My Metoidioplasty Surgery (Disaster)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’ll already know I’ve been having a metoidioplasty struggle since 2017.

I had stage one of this procedure in the summer of 2017 and wasn’t able to have stage two until December of 2019, which wasn’t a complete success. Because of the pandemic and the ridiculous NHS fallout with the previous service provider, I’m still waiting to have corrective surgery for my unfortunate and significant leak (which the NHS assures me will be before 2025…).

For those who don’t know, when a person who was assigned female at birth takes testosterone, the clitoris grows, usually to between one and two inches in length. During metoidioplasty surgery, the urethra can be extended underneath the clitoris (also referred to by many as dick, penis, cock, T-dick, clik, new-phallus, neo-phallus, among many other terms). This means that it’s possible to stand up to pee without the use of prosthetics.

Stand and Pee Products

One of the things that helps me to overcome the frustration and the disappointment around my current situation is imagining how peeing will be different once I get corrective surgery. For me, this involves being able to stand up to urinate, hopefully at public urinals, as well as at home in private.

Since my urethra was extended when I had stage two in 2019, I’ve been able to pee out of the tip of my dick, but I can only do it in the shower for fun (sorry for the overshare) because of the leak. If I tried to do this at a urinal/toilet, I’d also be peeing down at the same time as peeing forwards.

A potential obstacle for me being able to pee at a urinal in the future (if my leak gets fixed) is that I’m not naturally blessed with a lot of lower growth. Without ample length, it might be hard for me to pee through my fly on the sly. This means that I’ll likely have to use a prosthetic extension if I want to use urinals. Enter the Meta Extension…

Banana Prosthetics: Meta Extension

Even though I’m not yet ready for my outdoor urinal adventures, I wanted to experiment with how a metoidioplasty extension product could work for me. As I said, looking forward to a time when I can do this without peeing all over my jeans is incredibly helpful for my mental health as I deal with the ongoing distress (and mess) of the leak.

What is a Meta Extension?

These products are similar in appearance and function to traditional stand-to-pee (STP) devices.

For those who don’t know, an STP can be used to pee standing up by anyone who doesn’t have a penis that naturally allows for this. I know a lot of trans people who use them and also I have female friends who use them at festivals or when they go camping.

What is the MT2 Meta Extension Packer from Banana Prosthetics?

This STP device comes in six skin tone colours and is specifically created for people who have had successful metoidioplasty surgery. It is made from premium silicone and is four inches in length.

The device can be positioned in the pants and your T-dick can be kind of inserted into it. This means that when you pee, your urine comes through the device and out the other end. Using this device can make it much easier to urinate at a urinal or anywhere else you might fancy having a pee standing up.

I think these products are particularly helpful for people who are anxious about peeing with their T-dicks at a public urinal, as well as obviously for people like me who don’t have a lot of natural size to work with.


To help hold the packer in place, you can choose to purchase a Coconuts elastic band, which you wear around your waist with the STP attached. An issue I have with traditional STPs is that they aren’t easy to get into place when loose in your pants, so the Coconuts band is really helpful.

The Coconuts band will cost a little extra, so be sure to save some cash by following this link and using ‘ALIX10’ at the checkout.

My Review of the Meta Extension

Since my leak is going straight down, I wasn’t able to test this product outside of the house and was confined (as per usual) to peeing in the shower. However, I’m confident that when my leak is fixed, I’ll be using this prosthetic at urinals all of the time!

The very first time I used it, it was easy and comfortable to get my junk into position and the flow of pee was perfect. I’m totally confident that if I was to do this with trousers on, I’d be able to get the packer through my fly to use a public urinal. I also think it looks fairly realistic from a sneaky side glance, so I don’t think I’ll be too anxious about creeps potentially catching me out.

Wearing the packer in my pants felt really natural and I think the size is perfect for this. I personally don’t use packers just for the sake of packing because I’ve no desire to be mistaken for a man who has a penis. So the fact that there’s no real bulge noticeable through my trousers is a real bonus.

Using this product — even just at home for fun — has got me excited again for the prospect of hopefully getting my leak fixed soon. Standing up to pee has been a solid goal of mine for a really long time, and I think the Meta Extension Packer is going to get a lot of use when this time finally comes.

So, if you’ve had metoidioplasty and you’re struggling with your length, or just want a bit extra for whatever reason, then I 100% recommend this product.

Due to the positioning of the packer, I don’t think it’s suitable for anyone who hasn’t had metoidioplasty.

Meta Extension Packer Care

Here are some instructions from Banana Prosthetics on how to use and care for this packer.

banana prosthetic instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about metoidioplasty surgery or about the specific product reviewed in this post, then feel free to contact me anytime. You can also read on for some simple answers to common questions.

What about stand-up-pee devices for women?

It’s possible to get STPs that don’t look like a penis and these might be preferable for women who wish to use one. However, this naturally depends on the individual and anyone can have a penis prosthetic if they want one. Click here for more information on female stand-to-pee devices.

How do stand-to-pee devices work?

These are very simple devices that help anyone without a penis stand up to urinate. By holding the device against the genitals where pee exits the body, the user can direct the flow of urine through the device. The user might then wish to shake and rinse the device before putting it away or keeping it in their underwear.

If you don’t have a penis and you struggle with being able to pee safely outdoors when there isn’t a bathroom, then this device can be helpful.

Is peeing standing up harmful or unhealthy?

There are no health concerns associated with peeing like this, regardless of gender or genitals.

What is the best STP?

This is down to personal preference and there are many fantastic products on the market. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to use an STP that isn’t too big so you can keep it comfortably in your underwear during the day. It’s also a good idea to purchase one that can be used with a harness so that you can keep it in place.

How do you clean STP packers?

It’s important to keep your packer clean if you’re using it to urinate regularly. Each product will come with instructions on how to keep it clean and most will be fine with a simple soap and water rinse. It’s fine to leave your packer to dry naturally. For ease, you might want to wash it before bed so it’s clean and dry to use in the morning.

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