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Content Note: In this post I’m talking about undergoing mons resection as part of metoidioplasty surgery. This naturally involves talking about genitals – my own and in a general sense. I’m going to use words that some transgender people might not use for their own genitals and therefore might find uncomfortable to read.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert — I’m simply speaking from my own experience and research.

Since 2018, I’ve been going through the process of metoidioplasty with urethral lengthening. For me, this has been four surgeries over six years:

The fourth and final surgery took place on the 21st of September, 2023 and was undoubtedly the easiest of all of the stages.

What is Mons Resection?

For people who identify as trans-masculine, FTM, or similar, Mons Resection is a surgery offered to improve the metoidioplasty outcome.

This surgery is kind of similar in concept to a tummy tuck and pulls the T-dick/neo-phallus/penis (take your pick) up into a more optimum position.

During the procedure, fat and skin might be removed from the pubic mound area and the skin sutured together to create the lift. This can be aesthetic, functional or both.

Following a successful mons resection surgery, it’s possible that the penis will be more prominent and at a better angle from the body for urinating and for sex. However, it’s important to be aware that results vary widely depending on a number of factors.

My Experience of Mons Resection Surgery

After waiting three years for my fistula repair surgery, I was surprised to be offered mons resection in the same year. I was added to the waiting list around March 2023 and notified in July of the same year that I’d be having surgery in September.

This is how it went!

Surgery Day – Mons Resection

We set off early in the morning at 05:30 to attempt to reach New Victoria Hospital by 07:00 but didn’t count on London travel chaos. Being late makes me very anxious, but when we got to the hospital at 07:30, nobody cared at all that we were late. The receptionist told me, “Don’t worry, we’re not going to start without you”.

There was an issue with bed space, so I had to abandon my boyfriend in reception and go to the ward on my own. I quickly changed into the hospital gown, gave a urine sample and then waited a few minutes for the surgeon to come and talk to me.

My Rubin was going to perform my procedure this time and he came to explain a series of very stressful potential complications. He wasn’t very reassuring about the rate of these complications and his conversation left me very anxious about permanent excessive scarring, swelling and lumps in the area.

I didn’t have much time to stress about potential complications though as the nurse soon came to go through more paperwork. While she was doing this, the anaesthetist also popped in for a quick chat, and then we were on our way to the operating theatre.

I had surgery around 08:30 and woke up in the recovery room about 10:00. I remember being in floods of tears when I woke up, for absolutely no reason at all, but I didn’t notice any pain or discomfort. The nurses were all really kind and explained that I’d have to stay here for an hour because there still wasn’t a private room available.

Because the surgery site for this procedure is above the genitals, I was able to look immediately to see how much of a lift the surgery had given me. As I was lying down, it wasn’t that easy to see the difference, so I stopped looking as I started to feel a bit disappointed.

Eventually, by around 11:00, I was in a private room and, apart from feeling a bit sleepy, felt mostly fine. My partner came and we spent a few hours watching a movie in bed. The nurses came in and out during this time to do blood pressure and temperature checks.

Around 13:00, Mr Rubin, the surgeon, came to tell me everything had gone well and that he felt there was an improvement from the surgery. He said I would need to wait in the hospital until 16:00 in case there were any problems, but otherwise I would be free to go home.

I had a drain through the top of my thigh to prevent blood and fluid build-up. Although, there wasn’t much of anything draining out.


While we were waiting, I went into the bathroom to pee and had a chance to look at the results properly. Looking in the mirror, I couldn’t really remember exactly how it looked or where my dick was positioned before, but I remember feeling surprised and really happy with the appearance now. From a side angle in the mirror, it’s at a more prominent angle. Also, because I can see more of it from above, it appears bigger, which I enjoy.

I felt really elated about this but I was anxious to show my partner in case he didn’t see it the same. When I did eventually show him, he also agreed that it was different in the way that I’d hoped for, which made me feel even happier with the results.

By 16:00, I was feeling fine so we took a taxi home.

Day 2 – 22/09/2023

I had tried to sleep on my back in the night, which wasn’t super comfortable. When I did roll onto my side, it didn’t feel painful, so I managed to get some sleep.

The nurse had warned me not to stay in bed too much to help prevent blood clots, so I tried to move around the house a little. I was still feeling wiped out from the anaesthetic, so ended up spending a lot of the day lying down.

My pain was basically non-existent, but my partner (who is a nurse) told me that’s likely because the pain meds were still in my system, and that I should take paracetamol and ibuprofen anyway.

Day 3 – 23/09/2023

Before we left the hospital, the nurse had given me some clean dressings and instructed me to shower and change the dressing today. I thought I’d be able to see the scar immediately under the dressing, but when we took this off, the surgical site was hidden by Steri-Strips.

scar from mons resection

There was no swelling or signs of infection and it was easy to change the dressing. I spent most of the day resting and we managed to go for a short walk around the park nearby.

Day 4 – 24/09/2023

Today, I still didn’t have any pain but my energy levels were low. I spent a lot of the day resting with one adventure outside for a slightly longer walk than yesterday.

Day 5 – 25/09/2023

Today my boyfriend had to go back to work, so I was home alone for most of the day. This was totally fine though as I was able to shower and cook and do everything for myself already. I went out for a short walk on my own and then spent the day snacking and watching YouTube in bed.

Day 7 – 27/09/2023

Today I had to go back to work, which was not ideal energy-wise, but since I work from home it wasn’t too bad. It was comfortable to sit for eight hours, although I did alternate between the table and the sofa.

We went out for a walk in the evening and I more or less felt back to normal.

Day 10 – 30/09/2023

Today, we went to the dog shelter in Battersea to meet a greyhound that my partner wanted to adopt. We walked about an hour to get there and spent some time at the shelter before taking a taxi home (with the new pup!). At the time, this felt totally manageable but I then had a bit of pain and discomfort around the scar in the evening.

Day 12 – 02/10/2023

Today I had to go back to New Victoria Hospital to get the dressing off and the sutures removed. I felt fine to travel on my own and went via bus.

At the hospital, the nurse seemed a bit surprised that I seemed so well. This left me feeling as though not everyone’s recovery from this surgery is as smooth as mine has been.

I was really anxious to see the scar under the dressing but it was very thin and neat. This is when the nurse told me that Mr Rubin is a plastic surgeon, so he always does his best to make the scar as minimal as possible.

After she’d taken a photo of the scar to show the surgeon, it took less than a minute to get the sutures snipped out. This was momentarily a little uncomfortable but not too bad. We put a new dressing over the scar but the nurse told me that I didn’t have to do this anymore if I didn’t want to.

I asked her when I could get back to normal and she advised. to avoid exercise and sex for two more weeks, and then to listen to my body as I start running again. She also advised that I should start massaging my scar with some kind of oil a couple of times a day.

I decided to walk for about an hour in the direction of home before taking the bus the rest of the way and this felt fine energy-wise.

Day 15 – 05/10/2023

Today I started massaging the scar. The point of this is to break up the scar tissue underneath to help with healing. The use of the oil helps to keep the scar moist, which is also good for healing.

A friend had sent me a plant-based home-made cream to use on the scar, so I started using this. I had also been shown some massage techniques by a friend who does this work within the community, so despite not a lot of guidance from the hospital, I felt confident that I was doing the right thing.

I tried to do the massage in the morning once I’d showered and again after a shower in the evening.

Day 27 – 17/19/2023

I wanted to give my body as much support as possible while the surgical site is healing, so today I started using a vegan collagen supplement.

I’ve been sceptical about vegan collagen products in the past. However, I felt like this one was worth a try because the formula replicates human type 1 collagen.

I started putting 10g of this collagen powder into a Huel smoothie every morning and also started drinking a vitamin C effervescent tablet with water every morning. I obviously can’t know for sure if either of this things contributed at all to my wound healing process, but I definitely find it psychologically helpful to take small extra actions.

vegan collagen by Feel

One Month Post-Op

During the last month of my surgery recovery, the only time I really experienced any pain or discomfort was after the dog shelter adventure, and also for a couple of days when I overdid it with the self-massage. But all-in-all, this has been a pretty smooth recovery.

Mons Resection Outcome

I’m really happy with my results and this was definitely the easiest of all my metoidioplasty surgeries. I didn’t experience much pain at all, my mobility and energy were only moderately affected for a few days, and — best of all — there was no catheter involved!

I’m really grateful that I didn’t have to wait very long to have this surgery after my fistula repair, so that these six years of surgery stress can finally be totally over.

I do plan to have a hysterectomy at some point in the next few years, but I’m not in any rush at all to do this. Also, if anyone has already gone through this process, I’d be really keen to hear about your experience.

I’ll continue to update this post to demonstrate how my scar is healing. Not being able to easily find mons resection scar images was frustrating for me when I was researching this procedure, so I hope this makes it easier for someone else.

One Month Post-Op Mons Resection Scar

mons resection scar

Four Months Post-Op Mons Resection Scar

mons resection scar four months

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